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Little caracal kitten is out adventuring for the first time… | Andreas Jansrud


Little caracal kitten is out adventuring for the first time… | Andreas Jansrud

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by Seth Howard

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Can we talk about how Cap and Bucky have opposite masks?

Cap has mouth and eyes exposed, forehead covered. Bucky has mouth covered and eyes painted black, his forehead exposed.

What a lovely symmetry.

But the symbolism too. Cap’s is a helmet, protection, to keep him safe from physical harm. Bucky’s is a muzzle to keep him silent and anonymous and on a leash.

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They called him the Winter Soldier. Supposed to be the KGB’s secret weapon. A guy who could pass for American and slip behind enemy lines or cross borders without raisin’ an eyebrow. Deadly with a knife or a rifle… even deadlier hand-to-hand. And since he was a ghost, half the time they weren’t even sure if it was an accident or a murder.

Captain America vol. 5 #8-14

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who is on your team, captain?

#completely convinced marvel just finds the actual characters to play their parts

Marvel’s casting department cannot be beat. Literally all of the actors are their characters.

Sarah Halley Finn, casting director for Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor: Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Agents of SHIELD, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and every single Marvel one-shot. All hail the queen. 



Wait, this is the woman we have to thank for:

Chris Evans

Sebastian Stan


Mark Ruffalo

Scarlett Johansen

Chris Hemsworth

Tom Hiddleston

Clark Gregg



AND IDRIS ELBA. Don’t forget Idris Elba.

And Cobie Smulders. 

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Winter Soldier: Winter Kills

so touching

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six fanfictions i am currently craving: 

  • the steve rogers and bucky barnes are really mad about these newfangled bananas show, starring steve rogers and bucky barnes, who are really mad about these newfangled bananas
  • this same fic, five more times


just sticking on the link to the fic inspired by this post

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I love how 90% of the Sam Wilson tag consists of SAM MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER.

That’s because he DOES.

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Steve Rogers and Asthma


Okay, pursuant to that last post, because apparently I had Opinions on the subject. I have asthma. It’s not bad enough that I use my inhaler every day, but it’s bad enough that I can’t do most forms of cardiac exercise, and when I get any kind of lung sickness, I feel it. Asthma has been in my family for at least a couple generations. I grew up with it, my sister had it worse, etc.

SO. Steve Rogers. 

A quick look on wikipedia… terrifies me, actually, because it suggests asthma was largely seen as psychosomatic. Which does not bode well for Steve Rogers’ impression given to various recruiters, etc, or for anyone who didn’t care to think too hard about why he was gasping. Regardless of whether or not that’s historically accurate, this is before albuterol inhalers or most modern, convenient, and often lifesaving medicines.

Steve Rogers’ main problems doing what he wants to do seem to me asthma and small stature/lack of muscle. Lack of muscle is easily enough fixed, but his asthma would probably have gotten him bullied out of any gym, and this wasn’t exactly a time when home exercise programs were common or encouraged. Other than those, though, he was probably fine unless he was running for long periods of time, running up and down stairs, lifting heavy objects. He would have been able to live a normal life, walk all over Brooklyn, help move smaller things (consider also the length of his arms affects how much he can lift; speaking from the great height of 5’ nothing, I mostly have to ask for help when a box is too big for me to get my arms around), etc. He basically would have been entirely functional. Until he got sick.

And that’s the problem. When winter comes and he can’t pay for heat, or his mother can’t pay for heat, or when there’s not enough food and there’s germs flying around, Steve gets sick. Being sick with asthma even these days is a crapshoot, I never know if it’s going to drop onto my lungs and leave me coughing for the next three weeks or not. Steve probably has worse asthma than I do, so if he got sick he would be wheezing for at least a couple of weeks. His physical capacity would be cut in half (not a scientific measurement) because he would literally lack the oxygen to keep himself going, and his breathing would be audible. His recovery time for a lot of common illnesses, cold and flu being most of them according to that chronic colds listing, though god help him if he ever got pneumonia or bronchitis, would be at least twice as long as normal. I question a lot of the heart trouble, as that could be related to the whole lungs not working lack of fucking oxygen thing. Other than that, though, when he’s healthy? He’d be fine.

Let’s talk about Bucky for a second.

The interesting thing (read, fucking annoying thing) about asthma is that you can be pretty much fine until you’re not. So Bucky and Steve are going along and doing their thing and hanging out, being buddies, until someone’s perfume or cigarette triggers an asthma attack. And suddenly Steve can’t breathe. He’s doubled over, coughing, hacking, sucking down air in a very loud, very painful-sounding gulps, wheezing, maybe bits of him turn blue. I never actually looked at the color of my lips or fingernails during an attack, I was mostly concentrating on not passing out and getting air into my lungs. So, yes. Bucky would freak. I’ve had numerous friends freak out to a greater or lesser extent when I’ve had an attack and, once again, I live in a wonderful age of treating asthma with more than talk therapy, and mine isn’t that bad. I can entirely see Bucky freaking out to the point of picking Steve up and carrying him somewhere safe.

But generally, unless Steve’s sick, Bucky wouldn’t need to do things for him. Except, apparently, punch people. When Steve’s sick though, or even when he’s recovering, Steve would have anywhere from fifteen minutes to a couple hours of mobility time, doing things like going shopping or cleaning the house. Doing the laundry would be right out, doing laundry by hand is hard work, but he could clean dishes or cook or shine shoes or something. And then he’d stop being able to do that. Maybe he wouldn’t wheeze so terrifyingly, but he’d get light-headed, his lungs would feel tight, and he’d have to go sit down. For a few hours. And then, again, Bucky would probably step in and fuss and do things for him, because Bucky’s an overprotective fucker.

There would probably also be rubbing Steve’s back both for touch-comfort and maybe with menthol. There would be steam bowls and Steve hanging his head over them, with a towel over his head. Maybe chattering at Bucky through the towel and Bucky saying things like “shut up and breathe.” Steve might sit up propped up at night, though I’ve found that I end up in weird positions when I need to mind my lungs. This last bout, I breathed best when I was lying face down, so go figure. Steve would probably carry a few handkerchiefs because he’d be coughing up random phlegmy crap after he was sick, for weeks. I’ve been recovered for about two weeks and I’m still coughing up shit, because what am healthy lungs.

But no, Steve is not an invalid. He is small, and he is asthmatic, and he lives in a time of limited medical ability, but he is not an invalid. Said the small asthmatic. 

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I am going to flip my shit at the ableism in the captain america fandom right now. The way they frame Steve’s chronic illness and physical weakness in his backstory is SO CREEPY (and… fetishized?!), especially when they try to frame Bucky as his Keeper.

My own girlfriend is chronically ill (in remission, thank god) and at this point in time, in a state of physical weakness due to being cooped up in an unhealthy environment that won’t let her eat the food she needs, get the exercise she deserves, and controls her ability to leave the house and travel just to just like, get some fresh fucking air.

When she last visited me, she struggled to walk up the 4-block hill to my house a lot, had to rest and go slow, needed to sit down many times when we went out to the city or into town.  She was scared of new foods and needed a safe place to try them because she’s unsure what will make her violently ill due to the actions of her family. She was overwhelmed and dazed (but also pleased and amazed, when she acclimated) by travel and transportation. She was tired a lot. She had to endure constant muscle aches and pains, and attacks of her chronic illness while she was with me.

Never infantilize someone with chronic illness. I did not watch her like some kind of creepy hawk. I did not prevent her from going outside. I did not shadow her movements beyond what was normal. I did not throw myself at her to be a crutch unless she asked me to, like to carry her bags when she got too tired, or to use the phone when she was too stressed.

People with chronic illnesses don’t need Keepers and to sexualize it is even creepier. They sometimes need assistance. But this weird gross ableist romanticization of chronic illness that results in people casually suggesting Bucky prevent Steve from doing things he wants to do because they’re “too dangerous” or even just joking about how fragile he is meaning he needs to put his whole life in someone else’s hands. That’s creepy. Imagine being prevented from seeing your friends or doing what you want because your significant other didn’t think you could handle it. That’s a really creepy dominance and control.

I just can barely deal with how offensive that is. Disabled people don’t exist so you can smother them with cooing and control their lives because they obviously are incapable. You want to know what’s amazing?


(caption: something super ableist from the photoset that’s making me mad)

According to this sheet, Steve survived catching scarlet fever and is living with asthma, high blood pressure, heart trouble in a time when medication and health care was only a fraction as effective as it is now, as guy without a bunch of money, an orphan. He survived contact with someone with TB and didn’t succumb. As far as I know, he wasn’t part of a union or a craftsman. He was a poor art student. Almost no social support.

Bucky probably wasn’t here all of these things. These are things Steve grappled with that he grappled with alone. Steve is hardcore as fuck and in that time period should have died like of half of these.

Stop fucking baby-fying Steve Rogers, he is a capable son of a bitch even when he wasn’t able-bodied.

This just makes me want more to write Steve Rogers pre-serum fics, being a tiny person with asthma, coming from an entire family of asthmatics. As far as I can tell the main things Bucky did for him were finish fights, probably do some heavy lifting (literally, lifting heavy objects), and provide emotional and economic support. You know, the way people do in times of trouble.

I mean, I totally believe Bucky did or tried to fuss over Steve, jam hats onto his head, make him food, tuck him in, sit on him to keep him from going anywhere when he was sick, etc. I also believe he did this not because Steve needed it, but because he’s an overprotective fucker like that.

See, there are two aspects of this which are… complicated, and therefore fascinating for me.

On the one hand, in the movie Bucky explicitly says, ‘or, worse, they’ll actually take you. This isn’t a back alley, Steve, this is war.’ He is protective of Steve - and, after whatever training he got before he got his orders, he has some idea what he’s talking about, at least vaguely. He’s not Steve’s Keeper… but he damn well has spent a good chunk, probably more than half, of his life trying to make sure Steve doesn’t get himself into something that is simply too big for him, whether it’s a fight or a cold that gets to his lungs. 

At the same time, in the tie-in comics (and I’ll skip the rant of the many GOOD THINGS that the one flashback scene in TWS retconned from that) - after the news about Pearl Harbor broke, Bucky Barnes was training and teaching and conditioning Steve to preparing him for enlisting. They were boxing, running, and, generally trying to get Steve in the best shape he could get into.

So, yeah, Bucky is protective of Steve’s life and well-being. But the last thing he’s trying to do is coddle him. No, Bucky recognizes the person Steve is inside, and basically works with him, rather than an invalid who has to be kept away from anything that he wants to do.

(I’m not saying that Bucky is some sort of saint or anything. He mocks Steve - banter, teasing, but still, some of the things he says are not exactly kind. It’s strongly suggested that, if he hadn’t met Steve in their formative years, Bucky might have become another Hodge. But he didn’t go that way.)

I’m not even sure if I’m framing my thoughts comprehensively, but, in short… no, Bucky wasn’t Steve’s Keeper. He was a friend  - the only, or one of the very few, that Steve had before Erskine heard their argument. And that means that their interactions were way, way more complicated than a big guy protecting a small sickly guy or something like that. There are many layers, and looking into the exploration of that - rather than infantilization or coddling - that makes the MCU dynamic between Steve and Bucky interesting to me.

(Good to note that, in the comics, Bucky never knew Steve before the serum. This issue is relatively new, because the dynamic pre-serum was only introduced with MCU.)

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